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@ernie we'd still be stealing music and reading Slashdot?

Hi, I haven't touched this since Xmas and I am a bad person for that. Is anyone using it still? If so, toot up or forever hold your piece.

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I had to take a break for all things social and online news - poor me. What did I miss?

@d except for Vodafone so at least you’re doing better.

@d you need Dark Mode that much? I salute you.

@supermezzo tis Thursday a month later and almost a long weekend and the office is empty and no one is stirring or event clicking their mouse.

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Friday before a long weekend.

@Down10 @stx you don't? I have a fancy Yamaha one.

@stx my god you're a top block. Thank you.

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To delete your Amazon account:

Go to the Help section, search for "delete my account."

Open the support document, which links to the contact page.

Choose "Prime or Something Else" > "More non-order questions" > "Other non-order questions," enter "I want to delete my account" in the form.

Confirm (via chat) that this what you want to do - and explain why.

Open the link in the email you were sent, which takes you to a page with a form.

Enter "I want to delete my account" in the form.


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I should toot as these guy more. But I like the other guy better.

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Not sure if I should confess to this, but this morning I Tooted in bed with my wife.

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On a huge nostalgia jag at my folks' - looking for my cloth Ultima VII map to frame and, once I explain what it is to my wife, get divorced.

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