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threeze @threeze

I should put up some rules. Does anyone have the original Fight Club-esque list from the other place? Oh, and here mate means cunt, and cunt means mate or, you know, just be nice to each other.

@threeze I was just reading the thread with the most cunts a few hours ago, this was fully expected.

@blondie yay for meeting expectations!

@blondie the bit where I say that the cops think they knew who took it? He ended up being a real piece of work -

The occupants in the other car turned out to be friends of his too.

@blondie yep. And fuck you for taking me down that FP time vortex - I miss 2006 FP.

@blondie and fuck me, my car was stole 12 years ago and I still haven't fixed it? I should really give myself a jolly good seeing to.